December 19, 2019

Health and Longevity through Yoga!

Giselle Toner has over 30 years of experience teaching women and men how to increase their energies, physically, mentally and spiritually through the ancient science of yoga, and to up-level their self-worth personally and professionally through her Strategic Life Coaching Mentorship Programs. She's a certified "Perfect Health" Educator, having been trained personally by Deepak Chopra, M.D. in LaJolla, CA in 1998. She currently holds retreats in various tropical destinations to teach “The Successful Goddess Blueprint,” a training course that helps women Ignite Their Value in all aspects of life, and “The Abusive Relationship Trap” course to release trauma from abuse, using her horse for empowerment coaching. She is also a pubic motivational speaker. In this episode we will explore health and longevity through a physical perspective and dive into the world of yoga. We will also learn about a unique approach Giselle uses for healing!

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