May 21, 2020

Is it time to reinvent your business?

Our Leaders, Sinclair Kennally , Trina Rice and Yalonda Haywood shared how they have shifted during this interesting time and been called to listen and be creative. Our discussion leaned in to the need to be present, ground and listen. Hear how our leaders have shared openly with clients, learned lessons personally, asked the deeper questions of themselves and their clients/ customers.

You will learn tips on how to maintain presence yourself when you are also stressed with world events.
How can you can show up fully, give 100% and maintain balance? Wow! The wisdom here blows me away!
What to do as a parent having to homeschool your kids.
Did our leaders have an intuitive sense that there be a big change coming. Fascinating
Have you had clues and gut feelings and followed them or not?
The leaders share their tips for business owners- simplify, stay present, stay in motion, get out of the judgement and take out the trash.

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