This week’s guest and hunger expert is Tricia Nelson. Her mission focuses on emotional eating and how to heal that hunger for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why “comfort foods” are so comforting
  • How to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • 3 Hidden causes of emotional eating and how to heal them
  • How to deal with obsessive food thoughts
  • The #1 weight loss mistake you should never make
  • How to manage stress before it drives you to the kitchen  

I think this topic is especially important for these new times when we are spending so much time inside and oftentimes find ourselves bored or stressed and this can lead us to create unhealthy eating habits! I know many of us can relate to this!


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February 4, 2021

Holistic Motherhood

For our expert guest this week we have Becky Wells  who is the Founder of Hippie Moms, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Clean Living Educator & Advocate. Join us as we explore and dissect topics like store labeling- it’s not always what it looks like. She explains that in the beginning of her journey she used to feel so uncomfortable following the labels and taking it at face value when she had this feeling that she should be taking a closer look at ingredients. This didn’t apply  only in food items but in items like teething toys and bath toys! Yikes! I think it’s safe to say that as moms we are so busy with taking care of our children that things like this can totally slip by us. Change your perspective and learn to lean on this community of wonderful mamas when you feel like motherhood is making you prematurely bald!

During our time with Dr. Meghan we learn some key things about the integration of naturopathic medicine and entrepreneurship and what the journey looks like from a direct and fresh perspective. Dr. Meghan talks about purpose and what it means to distinguish purpose from tasks. She also talks about the key elements of what purpose is made of. This explores the ideal that purpose should be separate from raw talent and skill and in line with something worthy of love and passion. How do we figure this out? Tune in to find out!


What you will learn:

  1. Why is finding and living your purpose is so critical to health? 
  2. How do you go about finding your purpose 
  3. What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful?

Be sure to check out Dr. Meghan Walker's website at

January 21, 2021

Life After Betrayal

This week we talk about betrayal. It’s not a light subject but one that I believe we should pay attention to. Right now, I am getting a lot of betrayal on the planet from all of the events that have happened over the past year and there is no better time than now, to address it and clear it. As a guest this week, we have betrayal expert Dr. Debi Silber to walk us through the stages, how to heal and what that all looks like when you are in the muck of it and can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!

What you will learn:

-What holds us back in betrayal emotions?

-What helps us heal from these emotions?

-What happens to us physically, mentally and emotionally when the people closest to us lie cheat and deceive?


After listening be sure to check out her website at:


Dr. Lisa is such a passionate practitioner of her craft; chiropractic! She brings to light that chiropractic work isn't just for those who have physical pain- this work relates directly to the brain! 


 “If people understood that every cell regenerates and will replicate itself within 7 years from now, so the fact of the matter is, that person is going to be healthy.”


What you will learn in this episode:


  • How Dr. Lisa helps clients reclaim their health and vitality?
  • 3 steps that you can put into action TODAY! 
  • Small, sustainable steps that lead to success

Visit Lisa's website for FREE access to "10 hacks to better your health"

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