In this day and age, it seems like a lot of people are going through massive stress and anxiety. Mental health is a very hot topic and more and more people are looking to find alternative ways, not only to have healthier bodies, but more importantly, how to improve their mental well being and live their life to the fullest. 

We are very lucky to have Dr. Elena Villanueva, a holistic medicine coach who is recognized as one of the forward thinkers and visionaries for change in our mental health system. Dr. V is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Inside this episode: 

  • Listen to Dr. V’s story, from having three sports medicine practices working with Olympic athletes all over the world to losing her memory, living in her car and being physically ill. You will be wowed on how she rewired her neurology to live in the present moment and bounce back to live her best life. 
  • Why the ‘blame economy’ is not helping you grow and how taking the driver’s seat can help you control all aspects in your life. 
  • How genetics and brain chemistry affects mental health. 
  • Merging science and spirituality to achieve TRUE healing. 
  • Learn the tools to clear negative emotions and self sabotage.

The good news here is that people can actually heal themselves. If you want to know more about Dr. V and her work, visit her website at 

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P.S. Learn how to get focus, balance and clarity. Do these 12 little exercises daily and feel an amazing shift in under 5 minutes! 

Welcome back to the Brain-Soul Success Podcast. The holiday is just around the corner and what’s the best time to get together with the family and kids but around festive gatherings. Today, I have Dr. Madiha Saeed, also known as the HolisticMom, MD. She  is a practicing board certified family physician in the USA, international speaker and a best-selling author. She is the director of education for Documenting Hope and KnoWEwell. She sits on multiple medical advisory boards including Wellness Mama and is the president of The International Institute of Islamic Medicine.

Inside this episode… 

  • Holistic parenting: tips on how to raise your kids holistically.
  • How to empower children to be more mindful of their brain, body and soul. 
  • Factors to watch out for that keep our children out of balance.
  • How to start your kids with organic foods and get out of fast food mentality 
  • Effectively instill values, life skills and increase resilience in children.
  • The importance of spiritual health in children 

As parents or guardians of our kids, we have a full responsibility of honing them to be holistically healthy in all aspects of their lives. You'll get tons of tips on how to do just that in this podcast, so I hope you took down notes!

If you want to know more about holistic parenting in these modern times, you can check out Dr. Mahina’s book, The Holistic Rx for Kids: Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World. Get it here. 

I received Dr. Saeed’s awesome book! So many gems here I wish I had when I was raising my kids! Check it out!


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Brilliant Resilient Health with Dr. Kyrin Dunston 


Are you struggling with weight loss? Today, my guest is a woman who has gone through an amazing health journey. Dr. Kyrin Dunston has lost a life-changing 100 lbs and fixed her adrenal fatigue. She is a pioneer of female hormonal justice and the founder of the Midlife Metabolism Institute and The Hormone Club. 


I can’t wait for you to  listen to her story! 


Inside this episode… 

  • Dr. Kyrin’s weight loss journey - from her struggles all the way to her success in beating obesity 
  • Hormone deficiency and how to test it right 
  • Discover a whole new approach in balancing hormones and achieve optimal function 
  • How energy work and quantum physics can help in hormonal dysfunction 
  • Dr. Kyrin’s morning and night rituals for resilient health 


I had learned a lot during this interview and I hope you too can approach hormone health in a  more holistic way through managing your emotions, self care and keeping your vibrations high. 


You can get in touch with Dr. Kyrin and learn more about her work by visiting her website  


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Your Radiant Health with Kate Vazquez 


This week on the podcast, we are going to talk about women’s health - everything from gut health to hormones. I am happy to introduce to you to Kate Vazquez, she is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant, Estrogen Dominance Expert, founder of Radiant Health, and the Author of the book, Estrogen is a B*tch.


Kate loves empowering women to reclaim their health and vitality. Her work brings awareness about estrogen dominance, so women can learn how to naturally balance their hormones, work with their cycles to enjoy happy periods, and create health in their bodies. She’s passionate about teaching women how to reconnect to themselves, use their cycle as their superpower, and tap into their feminine energy at their highest level. 


Inside this episode: 


  • Learn how to balance estrogen and progesterone from a holistic point of view
  • Unexpected long term effects of birth control and how it impacts the gut
  • Signs and symptoms that your hormones is out of balance 
  • How you can leverage your cycle as a superpower
  • What supplements can help you in balancing your hormones 
  • Kate’s top 3 self care tips during your cycle 


If you want to know how you can use your menstrual cycle to reach your highest potential & live your best life, you can grab this helpful guide: 

Download Kate’s free gift: Use Your Cyle as a Superpower


I was really impressed with Kate’s knowledge and passion about hormone health. If you want to go deeper and understand your hormones so you can be more confident, enhance your libido and get  and experience optimal energy, you can get Kate’s book, Estrogen is a B*itch. Now out on Amazon, grab it here 

Fix Your Fatigue with Dr. Evan Hirsh 


Do you often feel drained or out of energy? If fatigue is an everyday issue for you, you should definitely tune in to today’s episode with Dr. Evan Hirsh. Dr. Evan is the founder and CEO of the International Center for Fatigue. He is the author of the best-selling book, Fix Your Fatigue: The 4 step process to resolving fatigue, achieving abundant energy and reclaiming your life! 


Listen in as Dr. Evans shared his own personal story as he battled fatigue for 5 years and how he discovered the 4-step process that helped him get rid of toxicity in the body, beat fatigue and lead a better, amazing life. 


Inside this episode…

  • Know the symptoms and signs that you are suffering from chronic fatigue (even when you might not even know you have it!)
  • Toxicity (heavy metals, chemicals, molds, etc) and how it eats your energy 
  • Healthy lifestyle habits, daily mindset practice and hacks that can help you beat fatigue 
  • How negative emotional patterns can contribute to fatigue and what you can do about it 
  • Discover the Fix Your Fatigue system, a 4-step process that can resolve your fatigue issues and lead a better life! 


You need energy and enthusiasm to get the best out of life. Get into the habit of looking after your mental well being and switch to a healthier lifestyle!

Dr. Hirsch would like to give you a FREE PDF download of his #1 best-selling book that has helped thousands of exhausted humans resolve their fatigue and achieve more in their lives. Get it here

I hope you’ll enjoy this episode and take home a lot of tips and hacks on how to beat fatigue so you can live your best life!

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