The Gutsy Gynecologist  with Dr. Tabatha Barber 


There are thousands of women experiencing hormonal imbalance and a lot of them are left distraught, stressed and in physical pain. I’m talking about weight gain, fatigue, painful periods, bloating, brain fog and migraines. And a lot of women just don’t know where to find solutions. Luckily, I have Dr. Tabatha Barber with us today on the Podcast. 


Dr. Tabatha Barber is a triple board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. She is also the host of The Gutsy Gynecologist Show where she shares her wisdom and unique perspective with women everywhere to reclaim their health. By incorporating functional medicine into her women’s health practice, she is able to provide women with the tools they need to optimize their health and happiness, which, in turn, allows those women to pursue their purpose in life.


Inside this episode:  


  • Get the backstory on how Dr. Tabatha found her calling. Listen as she shares how her early pregnancy (being pregnant in the 11th grade) has helped her realize how complex the human body really is. This moment in her life ignited her mission to help women have a voice and a choice in their healthcare.


  • Dr. Tabatha thrived in her private practice but lost touch with herself and her own physical health suffered. Find out how she navigated through Hashimoto’s disease and Raynauds syndrome. Listen to her beautiful story of how the healer heals herself.  


  • Conventional gynecology is failing women. Learn how Dr. Tabatha incorporates functional medicine and her knowledge and experience as a doctor in addressing women’s issues. 


  • How to work physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the field and how to balance it all together to be the best YOU you can be.


I love this conversation I had with Dr. Tabatha and hope you can listen in. We deep dive on how most women today are putting themselves in a lot of stress with their work and career and taking care of their families and in the end, just stretching themselves too thin that can ultimately result to neglecting their own hormone and gut health that can trigger an array of ailments and diseases. 


If you want to work with  Dr. Tabatha or learn more about her work, you can visit her website at 


Plus, as a treat to all of you are tuned in today, Dr. Tabatha has an amazing resource that can help women of every age reclaim their health. Get your copy of The Gutsy Gynecologist's Guide to Balancing Your Hormones Naturally for free. Click here. 

I am so excited to have Dr. Jill Valerius all the way from Palmer, Alaska to be our podcast guest today. Dr. Valerius is a dual Board Certified in Family and Integrative Medicine and has an additional certification in Functional Medicine. She started her medical career as a Certified Athletic Trainer. She has been practicing in the Mat-Su Valley since 2003.

She is the founder of Now Health, a membership-based practice focusing on personalized care. Dr. Valerius is passionate about the fact that the future of health care needs to focus on educating and empowering individuals in lifestyle choices to create health, rather than diagnosing “disease and ailments”  and prescribing medications.


Inside this episode: 


  • Listen to her personal journey in finding her career path in Functional Medicine and what ignited her to help people find proper nutrition and self-care.

  • How she pivoted her career and created a more meaningful holistic practice that is more aligned with her personality, values, and beliefs. 

  • Get the inside scoop on how she created a thriving business with over 2,000 patients amidst the pandemic and helping people lead better and healthier lives, even in a remote setting.

  • How she introduces other facets of healing in her practice including sound therapy, tone therapy, meditation, and journaling.

  • How she balances her life by adding more movement into her life. She enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits and makes it a point to attend to personal hobbies like cooking and her lifelong commitment to learning. 


I love how empowered Dr. Valerius is passionate about the fact that the future of health care really needs to focus on educating and empowering people to make those choices to create their health rather than just diagnosing ailments and diseases. 

You can know more about Dr. Valerius and her work at her website Now Health Palmer  

Some of us are just…special. Different in some way. We can feel it, and we acknowledge it within ourselves. So what does that look like on the outside? In this intimate conversation with Rachel Varga, a double board certified nurse and an international clinical trainer for other physicians spoke with me about the true definition of radiance. As a speaker and a four-time academically published award-winning author, the conversation flows easily as she shares with us the ways in which to bring forth your most radiant, highest vibing version of yourself to fruition.

Inside this episode:


  • Rachel’s story on how multiple major life-altering accidents in her life pushed her onto a path of self-healing and discovery.  
  • How electromagnetic sensitivity has changed her niche medicine practice to include biohacking and soul work.  
  • The fascinating future that awaits all of humanity as the medical field takes a collective step into the shift of focusing on biofeedback in harmony with physical reports.


As a gift to all our listeners, Rachel is giving away her nine keys to healthy skin and slowing cellular aging  – get it here!

To schedule a private consultation with Rachel, use code LOUISE for 15% off!

As empowered women, entrepreneurs and mothers, we often find ourselves stretching ourselves too thin and that can result in stress, burnout and can even be detrimental to one’s  mental and physical health. To show us how to avoid going down that road, I am excited to introduce you to our guest, Dr. Sue McCreadie. 


Dr. Sue is a pediatric physician and a breakthrough coach for women with two decades of experience in health and wellness. After multiple losses bringing three children into this world, she crossed the pregnancy finish line tired, stressed, and a digestive mess – eventually reclaiming her health through nutrition. In her pediatric practice, Dr. Sue helps children adapt their diet and lifestyle to naturally optimize their genetics for health. Online Dr. Sue coaches women to unleash a healthier, more energetic, and confident self. 

Inside this Episode:

  • Dr. Sue’s story on how her career in medicine started, how she flourished as Chief President, and finally shifted to family practice as a holistic physician and coaching women online. 
  • How intuition played a big role in finding her niche and true passion in merging family medicine and alternative modalities of healing. 
  • How her past trauma created a turning point in her life and how she turned that experience into something meaningful and relevant in helping her clients. 
  • The emotional journey of motherhood - how to take care of yourself emotionally, psychologically and nutritionally. 
  • How to create a powerful breakthrough in the midst of raising children and managing a family.

As a gift to all our listeners, Dr. Sue is giving away her 7-Day Reset - get it here! 


To know more about Dr. Sue and her work, you can visit her website at 


Human behavior is truly complex and unpredictable. We are over 7 million people on the planet, and yet miraculously, we still find a way to connect to one another in the most amazing ways. I am excited to have Heather Hansen O’ Neil on the podcast today; a behavioral expert, author and international keynote speaker. 

I enjoyed Heather’s spiritual awareness and story of overcoming. Leaders lead their life!  


She’s here to share with us how she is creating change in the office and in the corporate world by encouraging leaders to find their fire and lead companies to be more human, more conscious yet remain profitable. 


Inside this Episode: 


  • Listen to Heather’s  journey on how she created a career and business by being a keynote speaker, coaching, and writing about how to “Find Your Fire!”
  • How incorporating humanity and being socially-conscious can increase morale of the employees, improve client relationships and attain profitability. 
  • Get an insight on Heather’s popular TEDx Talk on “Being Conscious”, where she shows a quick process to becoming  more conscious of one’s judgment versus a belief system.
  • How releasing attachments of what other people do or what is outside of us can be truly freeing and allow us to live more authentic lives. 
  • Listen to Heather’s story on how she almost lost her ability to dance (her passion and first love) and how it turned out to be one of the greatest life lessons of her life. 
  • How Heather finally acknowledged and accepted herself as a spiritual and intuitive person after years of suppressing her own empath self. 

If you want to know more about Heather and dive deeper in her work, you can find her at 


You can get a copy of her latest book “Where’s the Office - Moving Today’s Leaders From What Is to What Can Be” at this link 

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