November 5, 2020

Our Multi-Dimensional Existence: What do we do now?

As the world changes around us, expert Vince Kramer speaks to how we can accept our spiritual guidance, talk back to the Universe and operate as a multi-dimensional being.. We talk about wake up calls and what these mean for you in your bigger purpose here on Earth. What is the meaning of life for me? How did we come to exist here in this moment at this place?  

What you will learn:

-How can you find your OWN guidance
- What does it mean “living the life you are meant to”
-How we journeyed to Earth and chose our lives
- How to partner with our Ego to manifest our dreams
- As 3D beings, how do we make change in all of our dimensions
- How we are activating our DNA in a different way with the changing times


Please visit their site and connect with Vince and Mary.

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