September 16, 2021

Secrets to Powerful Stories

Erin Duffy guides mid-career professionals to focus and define their next act. Helping her clients transform their careers, developing a rich personal narrative, and assuring its impactful delivery are her expertise. After 25 years of managing dual careers: as an executive in a creative agency by day and a singer/actor by night, she longed to combine the two. Out of that journey of search and discovery came a highly curated program rich with insight and foresight. She learned that many others were seeking mid-career transformation and that there were no programs especially customized to the needs of mid-career professionals. She combined her dual careers and launched her business, InspirationSQRD. Her curated program successfully helps mid-career professionals rediscover the wisdom of their values, traits, skills, and life experiences to create a unique personal brand and a fresh distinctive personal narrative. This narrative lays claim to the richness of who they have become delivered with authenticity and eloquence. She invites you to do the same. She is here to support you to Own Your Story and find the happiness and success you deserve.

Erin wants to share with you her Secrets to Powerful Stories -5 Essential Steps to Crafting & Telling Compelling Stories that Impact Your Audience This is an essential step in a series of actions, including effective personal presence, that will enable you to command your stage with greater ease, confidence, and impact.  As business owners and professionals, mastering these softer skills can enhance your connection with your audience.

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